Proper Care in Time with Remote Patient Monitoring

Disclaimer: Kiwok develops digital health solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring. The present products are not CE-marked and for the moment they are not offered for clinical use on patients. The products were earlier certified in accordance with the European regulation Medical Device Directive (MDD) and Kiwok has initiated a process to be compliant with the new European regulation Medical Device Regulations (MDR). Therefore, the products described on this website are currently not offered for clinical use on patients. During the certification process we offer solutions and products for research purpose only and we seek R&D collaboration with academia, research clinics, medtech colleagues and pharma companies.

Prior to the Corona pandemic, healthcare did not have sufficient resources and preventive awareness to cope with the increasing needs resulting from further patient longevity and welfare illnesses… and now we can add the urgent need to be able to separate patients with different medical disorders in order to avoid the spread of virus infections. Remote patient monitoring can be a driver for change. Elderly patients with comorbid conditions shall not meet patients with virus infection in hospitals or primary care centres. Healthcare on a distance can solve that and at the same time we will get a more efficient and preventive healthcare.




Remote Patient Monitoring

Kiwok develops and offers solutions for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Initially we developed continuous long-term multi-channel ECG and we continue to be able to supplement solutions for other therapy areas through collaboration with other vendors.

Application Areas


Distance diagnosis

of individual patients on a distance at clinical level


Home monitoring

of patients with chronical/multiple disorders at regional level



of individuals in the risk zone for illness on a national level

Additional areas

Kiwok offers analysis service for customers without own analysis capacity. Analysis is made by Biomedical analysts and delivered via internet.

BodyKom in action


Anders, founder of Kiwok


”I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. and went through all kinds of treatments. For a long while I would often faint, which was rather unpleasant. I asked my doctor if it wouldn’t be better if he used a mobile device that let you know immediately if something happened. he answered that no such tool exists…”

How we provide accessible, equal, engaging and sustainable care


Efficient and cost- saving care process

Reduces costs, travelling, queue time


Connected continuous long-term measurement

Early detection and diagnoses which improves treatment


Secure data communication

Reduces the risk for circulation of personal health data


Distance Monitoring

Provides accessible, equal, engaging and sustainable care

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Meet The Team

Board of Directors


Anders Östlund


Executive chairman of the Board (born 1950). Elected to the Board on May 28, 2015. Entrepreneur with 40 years of experience from Private Equity investments and financial advice. Anders has primarily held board positions in small and medium-sized companies, in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Norway, and acted on the basis of an ownership position in these companies. Anders has a full-time commitment to Kiwok and he is together with a partner the largest shareholder in Kiwok.


Bo Unéus

Non-executive member of the Board (born 1960). Elected to the Board on October 29, 2018. Educated in law and political science at Uppsala University. CEO and owner of Hügoth AB and Chairman of the Board of Redsense Medical AB (publ). Has held senior positions at Nordstjernan and Skåne-Gripen and worked for many years at an international level. Worked with change processes for larger companies and groups, including Fiat in Turin. Sales Manager at BTS, Celemi, Skåne-Gripen AB. Has been the owner and CEO of Hügoth AB since 2003, an international business consultant focused on change processes and market establishment, based in Berlin and Lund. Bo Unéus is independent of the company and its management.


Göran Carlsson

Executive member of the Board (born 1957). Bachelor of Economics from the University of Gothenburg. Elected to the Board in June 2020. Göran Carlsson has more than 35 years of experience from the financial sector. Göran has worked in both line positions and in company management positions within e.g. ABB Financial Services, Royal Philips Electronics, PwC, Exportkreditnämnden and Deutsche Leasing and previously was CEO of Kiwok Nordic AB (publ). Today he runs his own consulting business in financial advisory and capital raising.


Klaes Nyström

Non-executive member of the Boars (born 1955), former CEO of HiQ Karlskrona AB, 1.5 years in the company, 26 years in senior positions in the Telecom, IoT and ICT industry, 14 years as an officer in the Royal Navy. Klas is independent of the company and its management.



Peter Åberg


Chief Executive Officer (born 1957). Peter has a background as consultant, interim manager and CEO within healthcare organizations, medical technology and environmental technology companies in Sweden and internationally. Peter has been division manager, Medical Measurement LEICA AB, Sweden, CEO of REACHIN AB, virtual simulators for healthcare, and CEO of Bedminster AB (publ), a global environmental company. Peter has expertise in business and leadership development, product implementation, sustainability and certification, among other things. He also held a position as interim manager at Region Gävleborg.


Annika Grünfeld


Controller (born 1966). Authorized Business Advisor International Project Economist, Census, Växjö IIU, Institute for International Education at Stockholm University, International Business Administration 2 years, Munich, Brighton. During 2015-2019, was operations manager for NyföretagarCentrum Ronneby. Has since 2008 run an accounting operations in her own company, Off4All AB, Ronneby. Authorized Accounting Consultant via FAR. Annika works as financial manager in the group



Anders Björlin


Founder of Kiwok (born 1943). Master of Science in Engineering and studied business administration at Stockholm University. Has been Logistics responsible within Nynäs Petroleum and Management consultant at WM-data AB. Anders was Kiwok's first patient and former CEO of the company.